Support Us

DC Girls Baseball is proud to collaborate with several organizations to promote our mission of ensuring no girl will face a barrier to playing baseball. 



Thank you to the following organizations:


DC Dynasty

DC Dynasty is a non-profit organization working to provide quality baseball instruction and development for players throughout Washington, DC. Dynasty strives to be an inclusive organization, making its program accessible to as many kids as possible, regardless of neighborhood and socioeconomic status. Their focus is to build and sustain competitive baseball in Washington, DC, teaching life lessons through baseball and preparing youth for competition at the college level. DC Dynasty has partnered with DC Girls Baseball by hosting and providing coaches for an 8 session winter skills clinic at Dynasty's indoor facility in NE DC.


District Performance

District Performance is owned and operated by Andrew Whitener (aka Coach Whitey). Coach Whitey specializes in training young baseball players and has run small group training sessions with DCGB players since 2017. He focuses on improving an athlete’s quality of movement and body control, which will carry over into all aspects of their life, including on the baseball diamond. The focus of the DCGB program is to introduce the basics of strength/conditioning training so that the kids start to build good habits that they can apply to future athletic or fitness endeavors. His programs also address the specific demands that baseball places on an athlete with the goal of reducing the risk of future injury and concurrently improving performance.


Eastern Women's Baseball Conference

The Eastern Women’s Baseball Conference (EWBC) is a regional women’s baseball league with four core teams and a competitive all-star travel team (DC Thunder).  Founded over 20 years ago and based in the DC/Baltimore metro areas, EWBC welcomes women of all ages and skill levels. EWBC players have devoted hours of instruction and mentorship to the girls who participate in DC Girls Baseball, including as coaches for DCGB’s U11 and U13 teams at a national girls baseball tournament. DCGB players have opportunities to watch EWBC games, volunteer at DC Thunder’s annual women's tournament, and learn from women who love the game.