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Maggie Rocchio

Maggie has played baseball for Alexandria Little League since 4th grade where she pitches and was the only girl selected for All Stars in 2017 and 2018. Though her Little League welcomes female players, she is consistently the only girl on her teams. Maggie loves pitching and is very interested in learning all she can about it. As players get older and hit farther, she is enjoying the action in the outfield but loves trying all positions. Her longtime Little League coach says, “Maggie’s story is one of head down, hard work, commitment, skill and determination.”

Looking for more opportunities to play, Maggie’s Little League coach heard about the Eastern Women’s Baseball Conference and took her to a game which changed her life. Maggie unexpectedly met Coach Ava there and was on the field in Rockford, IL a few weeks later with DC Force claiming the 2017 13U Girls National Championship.

An advocate for female athletes off the field as well, Maggie was recognized by her school for a National History Day paper on Title IX. Maggie loves playing with both boys and girls but says “There is more focus and better communication with the girls. Maybe that is because we are all really serious about playing to have stuck with it longer than most girls do.” Maggie’s parents are amazed by the coaching skill on DC Girls Baseball, saying “Maggie’s DC Force coaches play for the love of the game, so they really understand where the girls are coming from. They are experts on baseball and know how to constructively support young players.”

But what do Maggie’s coaches have to say about her?

  • “Maggie is a very versatile ball player - a natural outfielder who takes great routes to the ball and closes gaps quickly - she’s also a solid pitcher. What makes Maggie so valuable is not only her physical skill set, but her calm confidence and quiet fierceness.”

  • “She also happens to be ridiculously smart (note her history paper winning the school competition) and mature for her age.”

  • “She’s a pleasure to coach - she pushes herself to get better and is always trying to take her game to the next level.”