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Gabi lives and breathes baseball. She took to the game after trying soccer and realizing she didn’t like all of the running. Once she picked up a bat and glove at four years old, she never looked back. She started playing rec ball at five (skipped T-ball), where she quickly excelled. Of course, each year she played, the question would come: When will she play softball? Gabi always says that she has nothing against softball, but that it’s not the same game and that she considers herself a baseball player.

On the field, Gabi is best known as a utility player. Ask her which position is her favorite and she might say catcher. She might say shortstop. Or she might say pitcher. Honestly, there isn’t a position she can’t play. She has an intimate understanding of the game and possesses an extremely high baseball IQ—something most of her coaches recognize right away as well as her intensity and focus. Her 12U coach at Druid Hills Youth Sports (DHYS) told the players: “Gabi has the highest IQ on the team. Watch her and do what she does.”

A couple of years ago, Gabi played for a local all-girls team called the Georgia Peaches that hosted an all-girls tournament in Atlanta. It was there that she met Coach Ava of the DC Force. It didn’t take very long for Gabi to become a part of the DC Girls Baseball organization and play with them every chance she gets. 

Gabi has played for her school team (Tucker Middle School), she currently plays on a 13U travel team in Atlanta (the DHYS Monarchs), and is also part of a co-ed team out of North Carolina (the Travelin Tor-NATOs). While Gabi enjoys playing with boys, she loves playing with her all-girl team the DC Force where she has a special bond with all of the girls who are truly her best friends. She is completely free to be who she is as a ball player and that is a rare thing.

When she is not playing—she is taking pitching or batting lessons. She knows she has to work harder than the boys because she has to be as good or better to keep playing and changing minds about girls playing. She intends to play for her high school and beyond.

But what does Gabi’s coach have to say about her?

“Gabi can do anything on a baseball diamond. On the mound, behind the plate or playing just about any position in the field, Gabi is no mere utility player: she shines wherever you put her. Gabi has solid baseball instincts and is always thinking a play or two ahead. At the plate, Gabi hits to all fields, bunts for hits and occasionally flashes some serious power. She is a quintessential number two hitter, always making contact and rarely striking out. Once on base, you can expect Gabi to swipe a bag or two in short order. Gabi is a fun and supportive presence in the dugout and her versatility and attitude make it a pleasure to coach her.”