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Jackie Greco

Jackie grew up in the world of softball (shhh don't tell the girls). She planted herself behind the plate from the time she could throw through high school. In college, at the Div II level she took on the middle infield and never looked back. Ever since she has been a utility player in the EWBC and on their travel ball affiliates. 

While in college she coached the local girls softball team and has since taken on the role of coach in the Eastern Women's Baseball Conference. In her fifth year with the league she coaches the Fury and fills the role of President for the EWBC in her third term. When not coaching, playing or facilitating the EWBC she also helps out with the Cap City - Potomacs and umpires when called upon.

In her first full year with DCGB she looks forward to working with the older girls on fine tuning their play and having the most fun possible! Never take life too seriously!